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TOS - terms of service

General terms and conditions for www.zadovoljstvozaposlenika.hr webpage.


Webpage www.zadovoljstvozaposlenika.hr is owned by TAU ON-LINE d.o.o. (Hereinafter: MojPosao), VAT Reg. No (OIB) 4273924910, from Zagreb, 20 Strojarska Street, represented by Igor Žonja, the Chairman of the Board.

The aim of the employee satisfaction survey is to provide the participant company (Hereinafter: the Participant) with the tools to assess the level of employee satisfaction and to raise public awareness on the topic of human resources management.

The survey also aims to identify companies with the best working atmosphere in the Republic of Croatia, as perceived and experienced by the employees of these respective companies.

The survey is open to all employers, regardless of their size and the number of employees, but only employers with more than 20 employees may enter the parallel competition for the Best Employer award.



Participation in the survey is voluntary. The Participant shall share certain non-public information, i.e. confidential and/or private in their nature, pertaining to the Participant with MojPosao, in order to facilitate the survey process.

Moj Posao shall also share certain non-public, i.e. confidential and/or private information and materials, pertaining to MojPosao, in order to facilitate the survey process.

The term “Confidential information” encompasses any data, in oral and/or written form (stored on any media), that were at the moment of the disclosure defined as such by the disclosing party, and their intended purpose is solely the execution of the survey process.

The data confidentiality clause from this article shall not apply in cases when requests for their disclosure arise from the valid legislation of the Republic of Croatia or are issued by other relevant authorities.

MojPosao reserves the right to use the Confidential information to execute group data analysis for the purposes of determining the best 3 participants (either a single list of 3 or segmented list of 3 large, 3 small and 3 middle size participants) based on the survey results. The name and the logo of the Participants that do not rank among the top 3 participants will not be made public.

Considering the nature of the Confidential information disclosed to MojPosao, the company is obligated to limit access to Confidential information only to those individuals officially charged with the tasks of collecting and analysing these information for the afore mentioned purposes, whether these be employees of MojPosao or external associates that can be outsourced with some of the tasks, should MojPosao deem it necessary.

Obligations of the Participant

The participant is obligated:

1. to ensure a relevant sample with regard to company size and company departments under terms listed on www.zadovoljstvozaposlenika.hr

 2. to keep the questionnaire and Confidential information within the company (Confidential information shall not be disclosed to other legal entities)

3. to ensure equal opportunities of participation for all the employees.

4. to distribute instructions, provided and delivered by MojPosao, to the employees who will participate in the survey.

5. The structure of the relevant sample must adhere to the delivered data on the structure of company employees. Guidelines for determining the relevant sample: depending on the departments, sex, age, level of education, salary and years of work experience, choose the appropriate percentage of employees.

6. Number of employees is defined as the number of employees at the moment of Agreement signing, regardless of potential subsequent changes.

7. All full-time or part-time employees who have been employed for at least 3 months can participate in the Survey. Trainees, students, employees who have, at the time of survey conduction, been on sick leave or maternity leave for more than 3 months, cannot participate in the Survey.

8.  to pay the survey fee within the legally regulated deadline.

Obligations of MojPosao

MojPosao is obligated to execute the survey in the segments and deadlines listed below:

1. Conduct the survey in the period agreed upon with the Participant.

2. Upload the survey results on the web interface upon the completion of the Survey.

3. Publish the list of best-placed Participants (as a single list of 3 or a segmented list of 3 large, 3 small and 3 middle-sized companies).

4. Provide Participants with comparative survey results (group comparison with participant companies)

5. Provide instructions for the employees.

6. Upon the completion of a survey, i.e. providing the service, MojPosao shall issue an invoice. The price of the survey is based on the total number of surveyed employees (completed questionnaires) and the type of survey (paper questionnaires and/or online questionnaires). The price of a single online questionnaire for one surveyed employee is 58 HRK + VAT, and the price of a single paper questionnaire is 64 HRK + VAT. Discounts can be granted to prices listed above, depending on the type of the company (more details on the discounts on www.zadovoljstvozaposlenika.hr).


In a case of irregularities in conducting the survey, MojPosao will notify the Participant on the issue in question and the results of the survey shall not be taken into consideration when determining the best ranking Participants.

The survey can be repeated once, only at the request of the Participant. The Organizer shall issue a new invoice for the repeated survey, charging the Participant with regular prices, with no discounts applicable.

Any disputes arising from these terms and conditions and relating to them, as well as arising legal consequences, fall under the final jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Zagreb.